OSS/BSS solutions help to ensure business continuity and minimizes disturbance

In today’s complex service environment where networks and services are more complicated, more flexible and telecom companies offer a wide range of differentiated products, OSS/BSS solutions have become one of the most important and critical components to ensure operators business continuity and to minimize any possible disturbance. The role of OSS/BSS systems is vital for business to succeed. OSS/BSS systems carry role in customer management, service fulfilment, customer support, collecting revenue and service assurance.

Offering a customer service can be described as a negotiation between the commercial products managed by BSS and the ability of OSS to deliver certain products. OSS/BSS is used in Service Assurance to track service performance and ensure customer service-level agreements and in purpose to identify network failures. Service catalogues give one place to list products offered to customers and define what network resources can be used to deliver required service. Service management allow greater interaction between OSS and BSS processes when the service order and fulfilment process is complex.

With 25 years of experience in OSS/BSS solutions, Comptel helps telecommunication operators reduce costs and provides an agile environment for new and innovative revenue-producing services. Comptel Support Service offer expert operational support worldwide to support and maintain OSS/BSS solutions for CSPs. With Comptel’s Support Service, operators can choose from a variety of Support Service options and levels to maximize their investment. Support options vary from standard support services to mission critical support services, which enables support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.