Critical Alarm Prediction helps to prevent network problems

Comptel’s Critical Alarm Prediction is a new and unique analytics service. It predicts service disruptions and alarms on a network element level with advanced real-time analytics. With Critical Alarm Prediction communication service providers are able to see into the future more accurately. It also helps to prevent network problems before they appear. Critical Alarm Prediction is a proven business application which enables CSPs to reduce operating costs, prevent revenue loss, improve customer experience and build a culture of proactive service. It is estimated that smartphone data traffic will grow more than fiftyfold by 2016, so it’s obvious that operator requirements will continuously increase from infrastructure to customer experience.

Rule-based analytics are no longer enough, because they are limited by the extent of human understanding. Critical Alarm Prediction has the capacity to go far beyond these limitations with intelligent algorithms and predictive modelling. Comptel’s productized modelling algorithm has the ability to teach itself to improve, also it will stay updated, increasing its efficiency. The business application will continue to increase its value and level of performance.

With Comptel Analytics’ modular architecture CSPs get precise tools according to need. Comptel Analytics are based on technology that will become the analytics standard of the future.