Comptel’s FlowOne orchestrates business flows from ground to cloud

FlowOne is Comptel’s new service orchestration solution. If you are looking for error-free ways for order management and service delivery FlowOne is the solution for you. FlowOne gives you freedom to design both of these services and customer-facing operations without friction, while seamlessly orchestrating the entire process from ground to cloud. FlowOne comes with a guarantee: satisfy cloud-generation customers and turn digital buying experiences from B2B to business to human.

In nowadays digitalised world communication service providers run businesses online and therefore require tools that transcend legacy. Comptel’s FlowOne is automated and works seamlessly with online selling. Thanks to it’s automated functions costly errors are eliminated. Your services are delivered right – the first time.

Comptel’s FlowOne is also expandable with other tools such as SoftBlades that are fast to deploy and easy to integrate. You can command all systems through an intuitive management user interface. Adding Data Fastermind to the mix will help you predict and prevent possible bottlenecks, analyze and anticipate customer demands and recommend new services for them. Your customer will trust you more and reward you with a bigger share of their wallet.

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