Analyzing the big data enables new revenue streams to CSPs

There can be seen an unprecedented rise in volume, variety and velocity of information – called the big data. It is due to next generation mobile network rollouts, increased use of smart phones and risen popularity of social media. Due to this telecom companies are basically sitting on a gold mine, as they have plenty of data in their possession.

Most operators conduct analytics programs that enable them to use their internal data in purpose to boost the efficiency of their networks, segment customers, and drive profitability with some success but it seems that is only tip of the iceberg. The real challenge with big data is how to deal with so massive amount of information it provides. Comptel’s Eventlink software enables new revenue streams to communication service providers (CSPs) by catching the data in real-time while it is still hot and processing and analyzing it to gain more value.

Successfully harnessed big data can promote service providers businesses by increasing efficiency and profitability. Big data benefits the entire telecom value chain, from network operations to product development to marketing, sales and customer service.

Big data analytics offer the opportunity to process new data sources and types with more traditional ones, to achieve better results more efficiently and prevent client churn by receiving insights that will set alarm bells ringing before any damage has been done, so giving companies the opportunity to take preventive measures.